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European Campaign Camp

“Our European Union is, at least in part, in an existential crisis.” - President Juncker, State of the Union Address 2016

His words still hold true. The remedy is more active Europeans who help solve the climate crisis, bridge the social gap, promote inclusion and defend democracy. Our contribution is a five-day workshop in Belgium empowering 25 activists from across Europe to further positive change.

The European campaign camp builds on successful Campaign Boo(s)tcamps. These camps started in 2013 in the UK. Today, they take place more frequently and expanded to other regions, such as Germany, Switzerland, India and Kenya. This is Europe’s first version.

Participants learn how to identify and address issues that affect their community. They will become effective and creative campaigners by learning about theories of change, EU decision-making and tools fellows use in other countries.

The event will be inclusive, providing facilities accessible to wheelchairs and sign language interpreters.

Partners benefit from increasing their expertise, visibility and impact.