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Campaigns that Matter

Welcome to “Campaigns that Matter”. It is a new podcast for lobbyists, communication professionals and active citizens.

In each episode, we zoom in on a campaign and present strategies, techniques and tools. In case you have any comments or want to share your campaign, get in touch.

Why 'Campaigns that Matter'?

‘Campaigns that Matter’ is a podcast for lobbyists, comms professionals and active citizens.

Democracy is at a crossroads across the globe. Surveys show that around 50% are dissatisfied with their nation’s political system. The support for populists is rising fuelling the distrust governments. However, there is no political apathy. Ordinary citizens still believe that they can influence their government.

Campaigns can engage people, promote change and strengthen democracies. You will learn in each episode techniques and tools that you can use to further your cause. In case you have any questions or want to share your campaign, let us know. Send an email to

Spread the word because together we can build an inclusive Europe with better communication.

Ben Wilhelm