The Dandelion Group

Three smart reasons to sponsor


Campaigning insights
Seasoned trainers share their insights not only with the participants of the camp. As a sponsor, you will receive the material from all sessions for free.

Communication course
The Dandelion Group organises trainings on public speaking, persuasion and campaigning. Sponsors of the European campaign camp can get a free seat or an in-house training for your team.

European campaign network
Do you need help overcome a particular challenge? As a sponsor, you benefit from the camps’ alumni network, which reaches skilled off- and online campaigners across Europe.


Online visibility
Having your logo on our website strengthens your brand amongst progressive activists in Europe. Our community includes a debating club with over 2,400 members, and our website attracts 3,000 page views per month.

Onsite visibility
For sponsors, we put up your banner and place material in the seminar room, where campaigners will spend the entire day.

Keynote at closing ceremony
Do you have a special message to get out? Leave camp graduates and their mentors with a call to action so that they can spread the word.



Talent development
Sponsor a scholarship and support activists advancing your mission.
 You can also mentor them afterwards, which is how some organisations developed their staff.

Campaign promotion
Promote your next event with an interview about your campaign. For the EU elections, we present a “Campaign of the month” podcast where communication professionals share lessons and call to action.

Public debate
Could your arguments be better? We offer you a debate night on a topic of your choice where orators present your case but also rebuttals.


What does it mean to be a mentor?

As a mentor, you help one of the participants to make the most of the acquired skills. We will put you and your mentee in touch at the end of the camp. We recommend to touch base at least once every three months. The goal is to provide guidance, for example by discussing campaign tools or giving tips for the job hunt. It is an unpaid role but there is no need to spend money because you can exchange online. We intend to propose pairs who come from different towns but have something in common. 


Interested in a bespoke package? Contact us to tailor opportunities that fit your budget and goals.