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Technique of the week

Clever concessions

No one listens to a cockfight. The cleverer knows giving in sometimes means the opposite of giving up.

We have all been stubborn once. Concessions are opportunities we should not miss for three reasons. Firstly, you appear reasonable because only a fool does not change his mind. Secondly, knowing that you do not have to win every argument relaxes, particularly prior to challenging meetings. Thirdly, you can use the other side’s argument in your favour. Conceding without capitulating is smart and possible because views have more in common than we often think.

How to prepare clever concessions

  1. Rank the arguments from the other side according to their strength.

  2. Agree with a weak one when you believe she made a fair point.

  3. Acknowledge the strong ones by nodding only and show how your proposal addresses the issue even better.


You are the Sales Director of Alpro, marketing plant-based products. A new report confirmed your mission but you are not ruling the world yet. You are about to debate with the President of a farmer association in Israel. In order to get your points across and keep a good relationship, you have to prepare a clever concession.

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Ben Wilhelm