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Brussels Debaters

Brussels Debaters

 Is going 100% green better for our economy?
Should Belgium apologise for colonialism?
Has Tinder killed romance?

The world is not just black or white. Our debate nights strengthen Europe‚Äôs democracy by arguing one topic every week. The host will announce the exact motion on the spot and you can then choose whether to observe or flex your argumentative muscle.

The teams will be chosen at random and debaters will get valuable feedback - because the goal is not only to learn more about the topic but also improve communication skills.

Whether a first timer or a seasoned debater, you are welcome to join.  You will find here an introduction. There is no need to prepare anything, but bringing pen and paper does not hurt.

Inclusion is at the heart of everything we do, and we encourage people with disabilities, non-binary and people of colour to attend. The venue is fully accessible for wheelchair users.