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Personal coaching

Personal coaching


Option 1: Virginia

Do you want to sharpen a specific skill or need feedback on a prepared presentation? We sit down with you and tailor a 2-hour session to your needs. You get additional exercises to turn weaknesses into strengths so that you stand out.

Rate: 330


Option 2: Aristotle

Are you looking for a full workout? Then choose up to three from the following modules, which we then train twice in two-hour sessions:

  • Winning debates

  • Rhetorical fireworks

  • Framing your message

  • Effective use of voice

  • Body language

  • Storytelling

  • Social media

  • Campaigning

  • Visual communication

  • Effective writing

  • Pitching proposals

  • Connecting with your audience

Rate: 550


Option 3: Cicero

Do you have a big conference coming up? No matter how prestigious, we make sure that you nail your presentation. You tell us your expectations and we take care of the bulk of the work. This premium package equips you with:

  • a briefing on the event and audience

  • a full transcript of the speech

  • a prepared set of talking points and/or slides

  • a half-day training to rehearse

  • emergency line on the day

  • feedback after the event

Rate: 990

All sessions are 1-2-1. All rates are in Euro excl. VAT.
If you are unemployed or have limited financial means, contact us for a social discount.
All profits go to projects promoting an inclusive Europe.