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Technique of the week

Dare to ask

“Humans have a lower attention span than a goldfish.” You might have come across articles with this baloney headline. It holds a grain of truth. Who does not want to keep the audience awake?

Posing a question poses a solution. Everyone will follow if they know you are addressing the audience. Should you worry about words getting twisted, rhetorical questions are a way to play it safe. In these cases, you do not need to wait for an answer. Stir your audience’s emotions and make them think.

How to ask rhetorical questions

  1. Write down the key statements of your presentation.

  2. Reformulate them as a question.

  3. Rehearse your speech and include them where the energy drops to stress a previous statement, introduce the next point or get agreement.


“So I will not ask them anything”, 15-year-old Greta Thunberg left her mark at the World Economic Forum. Read her speech and shorten all her rhetorical questions to max. seven words.

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Ben Wilhelm