The Dandelion Group

Persuasive communication course

Become credible, clear and captivating

Persuasive communication

Who should take this course
• Public affairs professionals lobbying stakeholders
• Consultants preparing business proposals
• Salespeople and entrepreneurs pitching to clients and investors

How will you benefit
The exercises will give you the confidence and competence to make your point.

Course outline
Part I: Ethos or how to build credibility
• Connect with care, cause and competence

Part II: Logos or how to be clear
• Present your C.A.S.E. without notes

Part III: Pathos or how to captivate
• Spice up your delivery with rhetorical devices

Recommended group size and duration
4 - 8 people / one day

In-house: from 1250 per group

All rates are in € and excl. VAT.
If you are unemployed or have limited financial means, contact us for a social discount.
All profits go to projects promoting an inclusive Europe.