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Getting to the core

Remembering your speech is easier than you think. Instead of learning every word by heart, summarise your core message. If you can say it in one sentence, chances are high that you can say it in one hour.

Your core message is similar to the title of a book. It connects the chapters and usually emerges at the end. Having a theme makes it not only easier for the audience but also helps you assess which parts are essential and which ones are dispensable. If you spot a point that does not fit, you can remove it or modify the core message.

How to get to the core

  1. Rehearse your speech and time it.

  2. Signpost the parts and rehearse again with a shorter version that does not exceed three minutes.

  3. Summarise your speech in one sentence that includes the word ‘because' and rehearse again not exceeding one minute.

  4. Remove weak or irrelevant parts and sharpen the language until you remember the sentence by heart.

  5. Write the sentence on a sheet of paper and the titles of the parts below. Deliver the speech without any other notes.


Texans are about to cast their vote. Ted Cruz (R) and Beto O’ Rourke (D) went head to head. Watch the final statements of both in the recent debate and summarise each position in one sentence. Then check against their campaign slogans on their websites and

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here and jump the curve.

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