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Technique of the week

Appeal to emotions

How do you get frenetic applause and win people over? Not by asking for it. The secret lies in appealing to emotions but ascertain whether you picked the right one.

We communicate because we seek a response from others. In some cases, this can be a nod of acknowledgement. In other situations, we want our vis-à-vis to act. If the reaction is too weak, try to push emotions rooted in the knowledge of your audience.

How to appeal to the right emotion

  1. Think about the audience in the room and write down the different mental states they are in.
    (optimistic because they earn well and it is a non-controversial topic, hungry because you speak before lunch, angry because they feel betrayed by their government)

  2. Rank the moods to identify the dominating emotion in the room.
    (e.g. angry)

  3. Write down three incidents where you felt that way?
    (e.g. when you missed the bus, when your partner cheated on you, when a terrible law was passed)

  4. Check the examples of your presentation and make sure that the consequences trigger the identified emotion. Otherwise change it.
    (N.B. You can also illustrate your points with personal examples you found in step 3)


Brazil has a new, controversial president. Analysts argue that he won thanks to Socialist corruption scandals and widespread fear and anger. Write a short intro speech for one of his contenders that appeal to these emotions.

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