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Fixing the frame

If your mum cares about how you frame your pictures at home, she will care even more about how you frame your words in public. Let’s not mess things up.

Framing spins facts in a certain way. You are not lying but shape a message in a more convincing way. For example, if you want to encourage young people to run, you might be more successful by stressing the fun and adventure than listing the cardiovascular benefits.

How to frame

  1. Identify the values of your audience.

    (e.g. for young students: joy, achievement, adventure, fitness)

  2. Pick emotive words to enhance your key messages.

    (e.g. thrilled, proud, powerful)

  3. Choose visuals and a venue that convey the values.

    (e.g. a gym with mirrors and pictures of confident people enjoying themselves)


You have to pitch a CrossFit membership to Susana Sanchez, Miss International Spain 2019, and Mariem Claret Velaczo Garcia, Miss International Venezuela 2019. You will see in their speeches that they do not uphold the same values. Frame your pitch in two different ways.

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