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5 books to communicate better

  1. How to be a DIVA at public speaking’ by Shola Kaye
    f you want to present better, this is an excellent step-by-step guide. In contrast to other authors, Shola does not just recycle old content. The award-winning speaker gives you practical tips to become more dynamic, inspiring, valuable and authentic.

  2. ‘Story Genius’ by Lisa Cron
    A communicator without stories is like a country without clean energy. Jump on the bandwagon and let Lisa explain how to craft stories that spur struggle. The techniques are based on neuroscience and help writers hack the brains of their readership.

  3. ‘Illuminate’ by Nancy Duarte & Patti Sanchez
    You do not need to like Lord of the Rings to love this book. The authors show how to light the path with the help of case studies from films and firms. Nancy’s other book, “Resonate”, is also worth every penny.

  4. ‘Communication: The key to effective leadership’ by Judith Ann Pauley
    Handling different personalities is not a piece of cake. Judith Ann unravels how to motivate six common personality types. The book is for managers and anyone who wants to enhance her interactions.

  5. ‘Sensory Marketing’ by Aradhna Krishna
    A brand is more than a slogan. Harvard Business Review rightly calls Aradhna the foremost expert in this field. You will learn in her book the advantages of each of our five senses and find examples of businesses who enhanced the customers’ experience by strengthening their sensory signature.

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