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Authenticity matters

Nobody likes phony presenters. Disguising yourself or copying others rarely leads to success. Be the author of you.

Genuine speakers score high. Showing who you truly are, makes you vulnerable but remember that the audience needs to trust you in before they create a connection. It is, however, easier said than done. Unless you have attended coaching sessions, the starting point is to know who you are. The introspection might lead you to an online test or to Simon Sinek’s famous Ted talk.

How to be authentic

  1. Identify your five core values.
    (e.g. with the help of the Barett Values Centre)

  2. Exhibit three of them in a speech.
    (e.g. humour = add a joke, efficiency = get rid of clutter, altruism = caring story)

  3. Share your ‘Why’.
    (e.g. add a personal story linked to what gets you up in the morning)


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is about to publicly apologies for how Inuits were treated in the mid-20th century but also for corruption in his government. Study his personality and identify three possible core values.

Learn the techniques. Boost your confidence. Make your point.
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