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Technique of the week

Hymn sheet

Getting your message across is not easy. Communicating as a group is even more difficult. Let’s sing the same tune.

“If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail”, Benjamin Franklin said. What applies to kite experiments holds true in communication. Being clear and staying consistent gets particularly challenging when you prepare together. Then, the sword of Damocles dangles over your head because deviating comments can shatter your credibility. To avoid being backstabbed, create a hymn sheet .

What to put on a hymn sheet

  • What is the topic?

  • Who is the audience?

  • How is the room setup and speaking order?

  • What is our goal?

  • What are the key messages (3-5)?


The US Congress has invited seven CEOs from top banks to explain if today’s financial system is stronger . Prepare a hymn sheet to align the messages.

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