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Technique of the week

Mastering your voice

If you give a speech and no one can hear you, does it have an impact?

It does not hurt to be heard. Emile Berliner made our lives a lot easier less than 150 years ago by inventing the microphone. However, such technology does not fit every setting, which is why speakers with a powerful voice are still in high demand. The main obstacles are feeling tense, talking through your nose and leaving not enough space in your mouth to articulate properly. For an expert evaluation, consult a vocal physician or doctor. To warm up, try these exercises before your next speech.

How to master your voice

  1. Relax by tightening your fist or shoulders for 20 seconds and release.

  2. Allow to fill up with the help of diaphragmatic breathing.

  3. Sound smoothly after humming with various parts of your face.


Choose this poem written by Audre Lorde or one from Adrienne Rich. Sit down and read it out. Read it out a second time and imagine you are presenting it to someone across the room. Finally stand up, read it out and note the difference.

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