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Technique of the week


Romeo and Juliet are not burned into our brains due to their eloquent dialogues. If you lack time to come up with catchy phrases, take a shortcut and set a scene.

No one knows when storytelling took off, but the work of Aristotle, Robert McKee and Pixar has certainly influenced millions. Each suggested an opening, a middle and an end. The opening should grab the attention and introduce the main character. The middle raises the curtain for an understandable conflict the person faces. The story then concludes with a climax: we present how the hero took the hurdle and improved people’s lives.

How to tell a story

  1. Write down a key message that appeals to our basic emotions.

  2. Reformulate it as a story that takes place in a specific period, has a relatable protagonist, features a drama and ends by resolving it in a surprising manner.

  3. Rehearse the speech without exceeding 3 minutes to get to the crux.


More than 450 senior decision-makers headed to Munich for the leading security conference. The EU’s High Representative emphasised in her speech the benefits of cooperation. Write a short story to make the message tangible to your parents.

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Ben Wilhelm