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Matching analogies

‘Anti-discrimination laws refer to legislation designed to prevent discrimination against particular groups of people’. Nobody should sound like a Wikipedia article. Everybody should use analogies.

Wikipedia and universities are not the only places where we struggle with complexity. Presentations often consist of complicated phrasing obscuring crucial messages. Whenever you want to nail a point, consider relating it to an everyday object or situation. Your audience will appreciate it.

How to add analogies

  1. Draft your presentation and highlight parts your audience might not grasp immediately.
    (e.g. Insomnia is affecting professionals.)

  2. Rephrase it in a problem-solution sentence.
    (e.g. More and more professionals have difficulties to sleep owing to the fact that they spent more a lot of time in front of screens.)

  3. Look up three random articles on Wikipedia and form an analogy with a relatable concept.
    (e.g. Douglas T2D - Screen time is to sleep what an American Torpedo Bomber was to the Nazis.)


Fill the three gaps below. Then come up with two analogies to equip Princess Lamia bint Majed for the World Tolerance Summit in Dubai.

Human rights are to democracies as ________ is to an Arab doctor.

A 2°C rise in temperature is to Venice as ________ is to an alcoholic.

New taxes are to startups as ________ is to sex.

Learn the techniques. Boost your confidence. Make your point.
here to jump the curve.

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