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Crackin' the code

You do not have to visit New York to feel like an alien. Speaking slang makes it easier to blend in with a group as long as we groom with the right code.

Jargon rocks. Almost every busker who landed in London sings in English, but few of us spend much time on preparing key words that get people hooked. The next time use phrases that your audience but not everyone understands. Are more warming up to you?

How to crack the code

  1. Pick one relevant member of your audience.
    (e.g. Dr Trichet, French economist)

  2. Skim five items the person consumes regularly and write down five commonly used words.
    (e.g. ECB working papers, OECD statistics, FT, POLITICO, electronic music; fiscal multipliers, economic agents, stifle, playbook, beat)

  3. Make sure that you understand the meaning and include the words in your next exchange.


UNESCO just added reggae to the cultural heritage list. Listen to Bob Andy’s “Unchained“ and try to understand why he sang this song. How would you explain the song’s message to a 37-year-old Mormon using jargon and modern examples that she easily understands?

Learn the techniques. Boost your confidence. Make your point.
here to jump the curve.

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