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Body language

When was the last time you watched a plant for hours? Speakers who are as captivating as a cactus ought to be more expressive.

70% of communication is body language, 23% is voice and tone, and only 7% is content. If you have read this claim, please ignore it. Charlatans and sloppy interpretations only tell one part of Albert Mehrabian’s study. What you say still matters more than how you say it. Body and word cohesion nevertheless keeps your audience awake.

How to look, move and gesture

  1. Do not picture your audience in their underwear. Smile and establish eye-contact in a friendly way.

  2. Do not move without purpose. Whenever you state a new point, subtly move to a different part.
    (e.g. Start on the left of the stage and move one metre to the right when talking about the next part.)

  3. Underline important points with your hands.
    (e.g. When you talk about a decline in revenue, move your hand from above your left shoulder down to your right hip.)


Future blog posts will delve into the different types of nonverbal communication. To get started, explain your current job to another person without speaking. In case the person knows the answer already, mime one of the jobs you had as a student until they guess it right

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