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Radiating the room

Presenters can appear to be cold and distant. There is no need to set a blaze or jump off the stage, but you should energise the audience.

Similar to an actor, a public speaker has to create a human connection. Radiation is a technique common in theatres by which you project a part of your soul to cultivate shared sensations. It does not require any occult ceremony. At the next occasion, aim to convey confidence, freedom and power but also warmth and happiness.

How to radiate the room

  1. Close your eyes and picture the sun in front of you.

  2. Imagine how it moves towards you. Relax and absorb the heat from head to toe.

  3. Open your eyes, point to one part of the room and let some of the energy out before you go on stage and at critical points of your presentation.


A close friend has passed away. In her last will, she asks you to deliver the eulogy but in a slightly different way. She wants to be remembered as a person who spread joy. Instead of a saddening monologue, you have to put together a short speech of 3-5 minutes that cheers up the audience.

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