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How rare are you?

Speaker bios and session descriptions do not have to be boring. Influence with scarcity.

Humans are predictably irrational. We are attracted to items and people that are in short supply, high demand or available for a limited time only. “One room left”, “Happy hour from 5 to 6”, winter sales - retailers and restaurants try to get our attention that way. But when have you sold yourself to attract more people?

How to influence with scarcity

  1. Think of your next presentation and write down a short description of the session or yourself, which delegates could find in a conference programme.
    (3-5 sentences suffice.)

  2. Read it out loud. Should you worry that readers might be indifferent, make the text more exclusive.
    (e.g. There are only five experts like her in the world. Artificial intelligence is the number one disruptor of our industry. Register by 1 September. )

  3. Do not worry about hubris replacing your humility. Imagine you are preparing the text for the moderator or organiser who want to attract a lot of people to your session.


Dead leaves and garlic peels are currently on display in New York. At the Philiopine Consulate, you can marvel at the masterpieces of “Pando”, 72-year-old artist Fernando Manipon. Write an announcement for the biggest local newspaper making the exhibition look special.

Learn the techniques. Boost your confidence. Make your point.
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