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Social influence

Has the model changed your mind about bucket hats?

Weighing pros and cons can be complicated. That is why we take shortcuts by seeking guidance from others. Robert B. Cialdini is a professor of psychology and marketing. 35 years ago, he came up with the six principles of persuasion, which are still taught in advocacy trainings today. According to him, we rely on or even act like others in uncertain situations. Whom we imitate is heavily influenced by social proof, meaning any cue for credibility or familiarity.

How to persuade with social proof

  1. Look for the most controversial or novel arguments in your speech.

  2. Choose one of the six types of social proof.
    (i.e. testimonial from an expert, a celebrity, a user, a large group of people, friends or a certificate)

  3. When you present the argument, back it up with a testimonial the audience can relate to.


Bucket hats, loot boxes and instagram stories have one thing in common: more people will like them by the end of the year than they did in January. Promote these trends with three of the six types of social proof.

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